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Black Friday on the Internet

For those who do not share in the excitement of standing in line for early morning deals at stores, the Internet has provided a great alternative to shopping from the comfort of our homes. Deals can be found as easily as logging onto the Internet.

Specialty websites such as offer information about Black Friday deals up to a month in advance. The text listings of prices are usually accompanied by adscans -- complete PDFs either leaked by insiders, or intentionally released by large retailers to give consumers insight and allow shoppers time to plan accordingly.

How does this work? During the weeks leading up to Black Friday, websites and publishers receive advanced copies of store ads which are often leaked before Thanksgiving Day. Sites like and have pulled together a comprehensive listing of all these deals for consumers to view at their leisure to find the best deals for their dollar.

However, for those computer-savvy shoppers, take note that although shops are open 24-7 on the Internet and readily available for Black Friday, websites save their best deals for Cyber Monday! © All Rights Reserved